Our Thank You Window

It’s still “Thanks-vember” in our house.  I know not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving in November, but I love having this holiday to reflect on before the craziness of Advent and Christmas starts.

Back when we started teaching Henry prayers we did, and still do, our “Thank Yous” at night.  They were a formal prayer; we just asked him what he wanted to say “Thank You” for that day.  It was a quick and easy idea for him to grasp.

So for Thanks-vember I wanted to do something to start teaching him about Thankfulness in a way he could understand and after long searches on Pinterest I remembered our nightly “Thank Yous”.  So out came the construction paper and the “Thank You Window” was born.

We have a bowl of pre-cut fall shapes – leaves and birds – in a variety of fall colors.  Ideally I though we’d do one a day and have thirty total, but a two and half year olds enthusiasm knows no bounds so now I figure we’ll stop at the end of the month no matter how many are on the window.

About every other day or so we sit down and come up with new things we want to say thank you for.  Mama writes one thing down on each shape and the kiddo gets to tape them on the window.  Simple as that.

In true toddler form the Thank Yous range from “Nani” and “Mama” to “Snacks – from the Grocery Store”, “Trains”, “Dinosaurs” and “Leaf Piles”.  He loves seeing his “Thank You Window” and I’m giving myself a nice pat on the back for a quick, easy toddler friendly project.

I will confess that I love seeing his “Thank Yous” in the window when I pull away for work early in the morning.  A nice reminder of why I’m doing all of this.

9 thoughts on “Our Thank You Window

  1. Molly, what a lovely idea. My little guy doesn't really talk yet. He's developmentally speech delayed, but I think I could help him come up with things he's thankful for. It's a fitting preparation for Thanksgiving.


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