10 Fun Days to Celebrate Instead of Black Friday

  1. Holiday Movie Friday – It’s officially after Thanksgiving, you may watch “Frosty the Snowman” ad naseum with my blessing.
  2. Christmas List Friday – Make your list, just don’t buy anything on it yet.  Figure out those tricky to shop for relatives!
  3. Clean Out the Closet Friday – Go thru decorations, toys, clothes and purge!  If you have things in good quality give them to charity or pack up a big box of hand-me-downs!
  4. Volunteer or Visit the Elderly Friday
  5. Care Package for a Soldier Friday – If you need to purchase do so before Friday and spend the day putting the package together.  Handmade touches are always appreciated.
  6. Telephone Friday – Call the people you’ve meaning to call.
  7. Thank You Note Friday – Catch up on some Thank You Notes!
  8. Cookbook Friday – go through all those holiday recipes and map out your route to Gastronomic Conquest!
  9. Photo Album Friday – Spend the day preserving and reliving some family memories!
  10. No Spend Friday – Whatever you end up doing on Friday, make it a point not to spend money if you don’t need to

Please reconsider any shopping on “Grey Thursday” at all.  Remember that the people working in those big box stores are people with families too.   The more we support these maneuvers the more they will be required of the employees.  Also take into consideration that even if you’re making time and a half, at a minimum wage you’re not even making $100 for a full days work.

If you find yourself needing to pop out for some milk or stopping at the gas station or maybe Black Friday is your thing – Please remember to be nice and tell the people helping you or checking you out “Thank You” for working that day so that you can have your fun.

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