Advent Unplugged: Plans for a Simpler Holiday Season

Last year was a year to try new things for our Advent Season; some thing worked, some didn’t.  The goal for this year is to keep things simple, meaningful and flexible.

Advent Calendar:

  • This year I’ll be doing our Advent Countdown on our mantel like last year.  I liked the looked and the simple reminders.
  • We’ll be trying out this book for a sort of Advent Calendar
  • I won’t be assigning an activity for each day.  Trying to plan out an entire month like that is just a recipe for disapointment because it only takes one day to throw everything off.
  • Next year I’d like to start using an Advent Calendar like this to start teaching more of the Christmas story, but we’re just not there yet.

Advent Activities:

  • This year, instead of assigning something to each day, I’m taking a more flexible approach.  We have about five or six preplanned activities – My choir concert at church, a free Holiday show, etc.
  • I want to keep trying to do our weekly read aloud of “A Christmas Carol” with my husband, but I’m think it will be in shorter, more regular bits than trying to get through it in 4 days.
  • We’ll have at home activities like making our Christmas cards and art projects with the kiddo, but I think I’ll just make a list and pick and choose when we need something to do.
  • We’ll be doing St. Nicholas Day again this year – coins in shoes and a new book.

Advent Reading:

  • I’ve added a few titles I want to read on my own – 

  • And I’ll be trying out this book for our family, though I’m not sure if Henry is old enough for it yet this year.  This year is more of a trial run to see if I like the material

  • I’ll be sharing our favorite Advent and Christmas Books in the next week or so – lots to add.

Advent Unplugged:

  • I want to be a little more purposeful about my time online.  I don’t have a fancy smart phone, but my laptop stays open more than I’d like.
  • This will be my first Christmas off from work since Henry was born and I might not get another real Christmas morning for 3-4 years.  I actually have a full week off and I think I’ll be taking a hiatus to do all those great Christmas things for the first time.  
  • I want to connect a little more with my friends and family; plans for this are in progress.
  • If I was to pick a word for this Advent I’d choose “Still” – this needs to be a season of peace, healing and reflection for my little family and I want to do my best to make it fun and meaningful.  I want lots of good food, movie watching, book reading, and nights around the fireplace.
What are your plans?
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    4 thoughts on “Advent Unplugged: Plans for a Simpler Holiday Season

    1. i love the reading of a christmas carol. i am thinking we will do that as well. maybe in the evenings to help settle people down for the evening, turn down the lights, light a fire… nice.
      we are also going to be celebrating st nick's day and doing a weekly sunday candle lighting and talking about one of the 4 elements (mineral, plant, animal, and man). my “plan” is to either have a small gift for the kids (like a small stone for mineral, or a plant or getting the tree for plant) or doing a charitable act (donating food to a no kill animal shelter and donating money to heifer for a goat for man)


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