Filling Up a Simple Holiday Season

Today I thought I’d share what our holiday season is looking like.  This year I’m trying to keep things simple and family oriented, but also trying to make sure there’s plenty of memory making to be had.

To start I filled out our calendar with important dates to be observed.  These are the holidays and holy days we’ll be observing this year:

  • Each Sunday of Advent
  • St. Nicholas’ Day
  • Feast of the Immaculate Conception
  • Christmas Eve and Day
  • Feast of St. Stephen
  • Feast of the Holy Family
  • Epiphany

Then I added in our important events while trying not to over load our schedules from the get go.

  • A Sing Along Messiah Concert
  • Family Night at the Library
  • Festival of Carols (a free holiday show put on by a local theatre for families)
  • Luminary Night
  • My Church Choir Concert

After that Calendar was already nicely filled with activities and special days, but to help inspire me on cold, dark nights I searched through this list to find fun “days” to celebrate if time and resources allowed.  Some of the ones that made the list are:

In the end this is what our Calendar looks like:  Holy Days and Holidays are in Red, Family Events are in Green, Ideas and Optional Activities are in Black. {click on the picture to see it larger}

My hope is that we do something on all the Red days, most of the Green days and the Black Days if it works out.  There are little things that I still hope to do during this month – reading certain books, watching some movies, other activities with extended family, etc. but for now that’s all a general list in my head – I don’t want to set us up for disappointment by assigning something to everyday only to have life get in the way.

Simple as that.

{There are great holidays and events out there, and I wish I felt drawn to every holy day in particular, but I feel that it’s more important to stick to those that draw me to them rather than fall into the habit of celebrating all the days my friends do. }

4 thoughts on “Filling Up a Simple Holiday Season

  1. Hopefully not too busy – really only 2 or 3 “events” each week, the rest is optional if we feel like doing something! But I'm also trying to enjoy as much as I can this year because I get a special treat of a week off for Christmas, I have no guarantee that I'll have Christmas Day off for the next couple of years so I want to make this year count (without burning out!)


  2. That is a great way to plan the month! My calendar starts out with all the birthday (four within a week of each other!), and then I fill out major family get togethers and such. Your month sounds like it will be wonderful!


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