Advent {Literally} Unplugged

Where have I been you ask?  I’ve snowed in.  I’ve visited friends and family.  I’ve been to Arendelle, Dickensian London and Middle Earth.  I’ve even been accompanying Minotaur Girl and Human Boy on an Epic Quest across the United States .  I’ve been anywhere except at my computer.

The internet cut out for a good portion of the day last Monday and what a wake up call to how much time I spend on this darn thing.  I spent that night downloading and configuring an add-on to my Firefox browser called “Leechblocker”.  With it I can control how much of the internet I can access through my computer at any point during the day.  Facebook, Pinterest, Bloglovin, and Blogger all got a special place on the list that blocks my access for about 9 hours of my waking day; allowing me access to social media for a little bit in the afternoon and early evening.  If I really want to spend time on these sites I have to stay up late or get up early.

So far it’s been a great success and I’m finding I’m not missing out on too much and getting a lot more done.  When suddenly I can’t just mindlessly wander on those sites I might as well do some laundry, or get something ready for dinner.  I’m faster to put down what I’m doing and just play.

This isn’t a death knell for my online socialization (which is the bulk of my socialization in general), but it’s a step toward a healthier use of it.

But, back to Advent.  After many years of pretending that snow doesn’t exist we’ve been experiencing a winter like I remember from childhood.  Cold days, and continuous snow.  In fact, we didn’t make it to our holiday show last Wednesday because it was too cold to even go outside.  Luckily, we hit up Family Night at the Library the day before.

A few fun things were accomplished this week – Christmas Cards are in progress, Popcorn strings were made for the birds, the Christmas Tree (lights only) went up and lots of games were played.

My time is running short, but I’ll see you again soon!

*P.S. My computer also gave me the Advent gift of dying completely.  So there were a few days of compter-less existence too. 

4 thoughts on “Advent {Literally} Unplugged

  1. I love that star garland, did you make it or buy it?. Very beautiful. I know I need to be a better steward of my time online but I do have to say that I missed seeing your posts here and on fb. 🙂 Online socialization is pretty much my only socialization, especially during the winter.


  2. Every now and then I'll make myself stay off the computer for a week and it's always so freeing! Glad you've had a chance to unplug. And so glad you're getting snow too!


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