Notes for Next Year

Mary had a great idea, so I’m joining in.  These are my notes to myself about what to do or not to do next year for Advent/Christmas

  • Don’t worry about getting decorations up on the first day of Advent.  You just make a big mess late at night.
  • Do continue putting up the tree on the 2nd week with only the lights on (and the star if Henry asks again).
  • Do continue doing the bookmarks on the fireplace.  That was a big hit.
  • Do try to bring in some fresh greens for the Advent wreath and on the mantel.  Yes, the cats will try to eat them, but you’re over plastic.
  • Do bring out the play nativity set and let Henry play with it all season.
  • Don’t worry if he’s not a theological master by Christmas Day.  It’s great that he understands that’s Baby Jesus’ Birthday, that he believes Santa brings him A present because of it and that Saint Nicholas only brings snacks.
  • Do continue doing St. Nicholas Day, but remember it comes up quickly on the calendar.
  • Do try and take the week off – it was magical.
  • Don’t make a big meal on Christmas Day – it’s not worth the stress.
  • Do continue to make double or triple batches of the shortbread cookies and eggs.
  • Do wait to put Christmas ornaments up until the night before.
  • Do continue to have “Santa” set up the nativity set by the stockings.
  • Do continue the 3 Gift Rule and do your shopping early and online whenever possible.
  • Do continue making the food gift tins – they were a big hit!
  • Don’t worry about trying out everyone else’s traditions – continue to let yours develop naturally.
  • Do make orange birdfeeders on New Years Day again – everyone loved that.
  • Do the kid’s Christmas Card exchange next year – it was a lot of work, but everyone seemed to love it.  In fact, send Christmas cards from Henry to more kids next year.
  • Do try again to go to the Messiah Concert, the Festival of Carols and your Christmas Concert – but don’t fret when the weather gets in the way each time.
  • Do keep more blanks on the calendar during Advent than activities – it was so nice this year.
  • Do make an Advent Calendar listing those activities again – it was good to have it all down and ideas ready to go.
  • Do try to travel to see relatives next year – maybe getting to see the Nutcracker with H. for the first time.
  • Do order that Beeswax Candle set next year!
  • Do think about doing the Wise Men traveling for Christmastide thru Epiphany; Henry will probably understand next year.
  • Do hold back decorations until after Christmas and decorate the windows and doors again in the following days like this year.
  • Do find an Advent Calendar for H. next year.
  • Do play Christmas carols on the piano you swear you’ll have by next year!
  • Do keep on giving more and more during the season – it brought you so much happiness this year!
  • Do keep the blogging to a minimum and use Leechblocker as much as possible during the holidays – you waste a lot of daylight on that darn computer!
  • Do watch those Veggie Tales movies again – he got a lot out of them.

I think that’s it so far.  This year was one of our nicest holidays to date – we did a good deal, but it was un-rushed and focused on being home together.

3 thoughts on “Notes for Next Year

  1. It sounds and looked like you had a lovely season. I need to make a mental note to start advent planning in about July so come the end of November I am not rushing about. I hope you are enjoying these last few days of Christmas.


  2. Oh, fun! I'm glad you did it, too! “Don't worry about trying out everyone else's traditions – continue to let yours develop naturally.” LOVE this one. I love getting ideas and sharing them but it's freeing and empowering when you can let them go without fretting that I MUST do that! I'm toying with the idea of waiting for ornaments next year. I suppose I should consult the husband on that but I really like the idea!


  3. The ornament idea was one of those “natural” developments! Last year we just never got around to putting them up until it was suddenly Christmas Eve – afterwards it was a moment of “that was actually a nice way to do things”. So this year we did it intentionally before we got bundled up for church and it worked out really well. My almost 3 year old really liked that we accidentally left a bucket of ornaments out and he slowly added ornaments to the tree for about 4-5 days and thought it was great!


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