Please Ignore My Traditions

This is a public service announcement:  Please IGNORE my traditions.  Seriously, I want you to forget every cookie and decoration I share here.

Okay, not really.

But, I don’t want you to get in a tizzy about it all.

A lot of us have been drawn to the creation of family traditions, particularly around the Liturgical Year Calendar, for a lot of good reasons.  We live in an age that is fundamentally disconnected in so many ways and we remember hearing about when things were different.  A time when you did certain things on certain days, and those things were anticipated and held a special meaning.  It’s not a bad thing to try to create those moments and memories with our families – in fact it’s a great thing.


I want my children to remember the special things we took time for in our busy schedules and I still want holidays and special occasions that haven’t been claimed by the Malls or created by the greeting card companies.  However, I’ve definitely learned a thing or two in the last year about how to go about it all.

As much as I am inspired by others ideas or already established traditions, those things are not special if they aren’t personal.  It’s a lot better to do less, than to do what doesn’t hold meaning to me.

On the night before Epiphany I was looking for things to do on the holiday because we’d be home bound thanks to cold snap.  I had to make do with exactly what I had on hand and that ruled out most of the fancier Epiphany deserts and foods.  This also ruled out the more complex craft ideas out there.  Even coloring pages were out of the questions since we don’t have a printer.  I wanted so much to do what was listed as “traditional” foods and ideas, but what I ended up with was something better.

We made stars and Gingerspice cookies.  Each had a meaning to the day, but most importantly it felt natural to us.  I wasn’t left, at the end of the day, thinking “Why did we do this?”

It can be so easy in these days of Google and Pinterest to get caught up in what everyone else is doing – how they teach, how they dress, how they play and how they celebrate – so this is my public service announcement.  Please feel free to ignore my traditions.  Figure out what you want to celebrate and do it.  Do it with what you have on hand.  Do it on the fly.  Do what pops out at you and says “This!  This will be special.”

Make your own beautiful traditions.  Don’t rush into them.  Don’t do things just because you saw this great pin.  Just start doing.  Enjoying what you have with the people around you and you’ll find traditions on your own.

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