A Year of Books : Birds

Haha!  You thought I had forgotten!  Actually the weather has been a bit crazy in these parts and it’s kept us from our more regular library visits.  When the temperatures are hovering in the single digits there are not too many excursions outside (and yes, I can hear my Canadian friends laughing at me through the wifi).

But, if you live in more temperate climates or have Candian blood filled with maple syrup, elk meat and hockey (that’s what y’all have up there right Christy and Kathleen 😉 ?  ) here are some bird books to pass the time.

So there you go – a little bit of this and that all about birds!
(This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links – if you see something you and make a purchase through my links I get a small percentage of the sales!)

3 thoughts on “A Year of Books : Birds

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  1. Ha ha . . . no, despite having grown up here, I'm still pretty wimpy about the cold. I was the kid asking the teacher, “Do we HAVE to go outside for recess??” all winter. And I think I've gotten wimpier in my adulthood — since I don't HAVE to go outside for recess, I just don't go out, PERIOD. That is a very long way of saying we haven't been to the library much for the very same reason.

    I just LOVE your idea of having a theme every month. Love it. Immersing my toddler in books of birds for a month sounds just delightful. What a great idea. If I do manage to get the parkas on and head out the door, maybe we'll have to follow along. 🙂


  2. I think its moose blood actually ; )

    I've read a couple of these and they were really great so I'll get the rest of these book too of course. And my kids loved Mr. Popper on audiobook, they listened to it every afternoon straight for a month! It was awesome.


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