Anniversary Edition: Great Girls Your Daughter Should Know

It’s been a year since I first hit publish on “Great Girls Your Daughter Should Know” and I never expected the response I would get from it.  In fact, it was compiled just as something to share between blogging friends without a thought that anyone else might think it was a worthwhile list.

I’m so glad I published it – not just because I got to share my favorite female characters with a lot of people – but because I was remind so many more of the important books I had read growing up (that weren’t on my bookshelf at 11 o’clock at night that particular night) and to introduce me to the wealth of great literature for young girls that has been written in the last twenty years!

So today I share just a small sampling of the titles I heard recommended time and time again over the last year.

And of course I know I’ve overlooked your favorite… so tell me,
what else am I missing? 

I would also love to hear from anyone else who discovered something new and perfect for them or a daughter from my list!
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12 thoughts on “Anniversary Edition: Great Girls Your Daughter Should Know

  1. So many good ones here! I'd be interested to know if you had any recommendations for great girls your sons should know? I know I want my boys to have some good examples of great girls too–but the plot line would need to be on the more adventurous side! They really enjoyed The Princess and the Goblin, because you know…..goblins 🙂


  2. I think just about any of these are just as good for boys to read – I imagine the boys would get a kick out of Pippi Longstock or the Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland. =)


  3. I so want Katy and Jen from Webber House, Bertie's Bakery Heaven Scent, Andersen Pool and Daniel's Den – the Saginaw Series – to be on your list. Books filled with friendship, mystery and romance for teens to share with sisters, aunts, mothers and friends.


  4. glad you asked! Did you read Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech? Her protagonist, Sal, along with Birdy, are the two girls whose stories shaped my taste and personhood more than any others in my adolescence!

    Now, the only problem with this list is that I can't press a button and have these all magically appear on _my_ bookshelf. :p


  5. I am actually looking at Walk Two Moons on my bookshelf right now! I have had it since I was in the seventh grade and have never been able to part with it because when I read it I loved it so much! Great female characters!


  6. I thought I'd give you something from the British side of the Atlantic. The author and illustrator Chris Riddell has written the great Ottoline series of books: Start with Ottoline and The Yellow Cat.

    And for slightly younger readers, the Mr Gum series by Andy Stanton are utterly bonkers, but brilliantly written and have Polly as the heroine.


  7. A Coal Miner's Bride by Susan Campbell Bartoletti, Wren to the Rescue by Sherwood Smith, Chasing Redbird by Sharon Creech, Scribbler of Dreams by Mary E. Pearson and the His Dark Materials series by Phillip Pullman (The Golden Compass, the Subtle Knife and the Amber Spyglass). I love that you've compiled this list, it's so important for young girls to find their heroines in literature (instead of tv). When i encountered strong female heroines and adventurers in literature as a child, it changed my life.


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