7 QTs – Why Catholics Love Doctor Who

Okay, to start off with – everyone should love Doctor Who, just plan and simple.  However, I’ve been noticing a trend on Pinterest of some of my favorite friends and bloggers pinning things in tandem to boards about religion and the Doctor and it made me wonder if there’s a correlation.  Most of these women have admitted that they don’t like alien movies or sci-fi TV shows, yet love this regenerating, time traveling heroic anti-hero.  In a moment of over analysis this is what I came up with.

So today for the Quick Takes I bring you the 7 (okay 8) reasons I think Catholics love Doctor Who

1We love anything that operates outside of time and space.
      2.  We love ridiculous ceremonial clothing

        3.  We love social justice.
            4.  We love penance and forgiveness.
                5.  We love a good apostolic tradition

                 and don’t forget those Holy Orders
                  6.  We love Really Important Women
                      7.  We love Miracles

                          8.  We love Ancient, Dead Languages

                          10 thoughts on “7 QTs – Why Catholics Love Doctor Who

                          Add yours

                          1. Are you allowed to write Dr. Who? I don't know, I'm new, I'm currently neglecting all my real duties to marathon watch the Doctor on Netflix streaming, and having such fun. But I think it has to be Doctor Who, since it's a question not his last name. But anyway only ONE of my quick takes this week was about Doctor Who, but one was last week too.

                            I like what you've done here. It's an interesting paradox, devout Catholics loving an unapologetically science as religion show, but you've certainly made some great connections.

                            I also think its just hard to find a well made show that you don't have to watch with one hand on the mute button and the other over your eyes. I still won't let my kids watch it because of all the innuendo, but I can handle innuendo.


                          2. Good catch, I need to change it – I was finishing this up while my toddler was (seriously) trying to find the highest jumping place in the living room!

                            My husband and I have talked about that paradox in other shows of a similar nature that we love, mostly written by devout agnostic/atheist Joss Whedon. I've always found it interesting how he subtly keeps religion on the down-low, but yet his central themes (like Doctor Who) often have to do with trust, love, hope and a lot of faith (usually in other people, but often in chance and happenstance).

                            I can handle innuendo too, but I'm so glad it's a not mute for coarse language or “oh there goes the major protagonists getting nekkid again” kind of show.


                          3. Wonderful! I've never considered why we love the Doctor so much but I think you've nailed it! It's the only show my husband and I watch–you know, besides the usual Diego/Busytown/Postman Pat medley 🙂

                            If we had more disposable income I'm 100% sure that I would open my blinds one day only to discover a weeping angel planted by my husband staring at me through the window….


                          4. Love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love…. LOVE!!!


                          5. This is AWESOME, and I love it. I found your site via pinterest of “Great Girls Your Daughter should know before she reads Twilight” AND I ADORE that list, btw. I have read the Twilight books, and I have no issue with them as an adult reading a book, but Bella is THE LAST girl I want my daughter to emulate.

                            ANYWAYYY .. I saw THIS post, and I love it!! Couldn't agree more. 🙂 can't wait to read more.


                          6. The Doctor would love this with both of his hearts. I would too if I was a timelord. Since I am a Catholic Whovian (4 and 9 for the win!), I double love it as a Catholic and as a Whovian


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