5 {Favourite} Stages of Edel Gathering Denial and Acceptance

For today’s 5 Favourites I thought I’d take you through the Five Stages of Edel Conference Denial and Acceptance.  (Okay, there might be more than 5 stages).

When we first heard about the conference, I think everyone experienced a little of :

1)  Then there was the announcement of the price and I know I wasn’t alone in feeling a little:

and maybe a few moments of:

2) Then everyone started to tell you they were going and you tried to play it cool:

But were really feeling more like this:

3) Then you have a moment of clarity:

4) You crunch the numbers again, hit that order button and announce calmly  “I’m Going to Edel!” while doing a little happy dance:

All the while imagining that your blogging friends are doing this when they see your announcement:

5)  And from then on you’re riding the happy cloud:

Oh my goodness, folks.  I’m going to the Edel Gathering…. {um… anyone want to buy a book so I can actually afford it?}

But the big question is…. Will I see you there?
Speaking of books – you have until Friday to Enter THIS GIVEAWAY!

36 thoughts on “5 {Favourite} Stages of Edel Gathering Denial and Acceptance

Add yours

  1. I'm still playing it cool too, but we'll see if I start chucking laptops when the time comes! I saw the price and I thought, “I can swing that” but then I started tallying flights and hotels and everything and I realized my husband was probably not going to be on board with me dropping that kind of cash so that I could have cocktails with my internet friends 🙂 Maybe next time!


  2. I'd love to be there, but travelling from Seattle with a six-week-old infant didn't seem like the most prudent decision…especially since at six weeks postpartum I'm usually just starting to leave the house again…But HAVE FUN!


  3. Me too…. I may or may not have ordered my ticket without getting his final word. Luckily I had figured out how to afford it from my own expenses. He got home that night and I basically met him at the door with “So…. I'm going to Texas this summer”.


  4. Amazing! I just stumbled onto your blog from Bonnie's Five Favorites and your list is totally accurate….I would have been stuck in #1 and #2 except for my hubs getting a bonus right before Valentine's day and the fact that I live about 2 hours from Austin and there's a sofa I can crash on once I get there. Guess I'll see you there 🙂


  5. Welcome! Stay awhile =) You're so lucky to be so close AND have a place to crash – this is pretty much my birthday, Christmas, most of my personal spending money and anything I make selling my books account now =)


  6. I'm trying to figure out how you can fit into my friend Michaela's luggage. And if not you, maybe you can just send me Nora 😉 I'll take her with a side of Gus and Jimmy.


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