7 Quick Takes – Crazy Week Edition!

It’s been a while since a Quick Take has graced this space.

1)  We’ve had inches and inches of snow.  Then warm temps.  Then rain, more rain, hail, thunder and then more melting snow.  Right now the God of the North Wind is desperately trying to knock down my house Big Bad Wolf style.

I’m done with you winter.

2)  All of this culminated in our basement flooding last night

Why yes that is the hose from outside hooked up to our sump pump dumping water into our basement shower drain.
And yes, we still rock the 1979 orange carpet the house was built with downstairs.
We even have a couch that matches.

3)  Currently I’m waiting to see if my car, which randomly died 2 hours after the basement started to flood, is going to charge enough to get to work.  Flooded basement  + Car problems might = Mental Health Day on Friday.

4)  I wrote a little GIF-y post for Christy about the Edel Gathering and you guys seemed to like it.
It’s just what I do.
5)  I’m in the middle of two books for various bookclubs : Daring Greatly and Mansfield Park.  Let’s just say that Fanny Price could probably use a copy of “Daring Greatly” sent to her post haste.
6) I’ll be knitting up a storm over the last few days to finish a few things before I head off to the Behold Conference next Friday

7)  Today is also the last day of my GIVEAWAY – be sure to get your entry in before midnight!


18 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes – Crazy Week Edition!

  1. I hope your car is working today!

    I've had quite the two weeks too. 1) Spring on the garage door broke resulting in us not being able to open it and get the car out 2) Kasper flushed baby wipes that our 50+ yr old pipes did not like and so our drain pipes backed up (luckily we caught it and was able to avoid it getting on the carpet) 3) Mr. Roto-Rooter guy had to come out to the house and clear the pipes –ugh! 4) Turning off the supply line to the toilet caused it to leak and when we went to fix it it burst off seriously flooding the upstairs bathroom 5) the water from the flood leaked out into our downstairs bathroom ceiling. I am SO DONE with plumbing/water we set up the dehumidifier and it seems like we will avoid any visible water damage and hopefully any mold

    Cheers to a better weekend!


  2. No way, you have an orange couch, too? Me too! Mine's orange pleather with wooden armrests. My husband was supposed to throw it away- Camp didn't want it any more- so it *obviously* ended up in my living room. The joy.


  3. I'm one of the few who like Fanny Price. But then I always was a psychotic cross between Fanny Price and Hermione Granger. (Did you see that? I managed to invoke Austen AND Rowling in a single blog comment! 🙂 🙂 )


  4. Nothing like a little Joe Fox GIF to make my day! 🙂 This is our first year in a house with a basement and every morning I peek downstairs, certain I'll see a pool of water reflecting back at me. Hope you have an awesome weekend to counter your crazy week.


  5. Well, that Edel post was pretty awesome.
    Our basement is also flooding but, that's kind of what it does so I don't flinch anymore when the kids say, “Mom there's water in the basement.” I'm just all, move your bean bag chairs so they don't mold again.
    And I hope you respond to this comment to help build your community and our relationship as it really bothers me when bloggers don't ever respond to their commentors. You know what I'm talking about! 😉


  6. I still adored that movie! I walked in on Thursday and shouted up stairs “Ben…. do you know the basement's flooding?” Always a great things to say walking in the door.


  7. That must have been a really bad weather for your basement to be flooded. It really was a stressful week for you! How’s the basement now? I hope you had the water drained out. It could weaken your house’s foundation if it hasn't all dried up.

    Blake Howard


  8. Those were some rather jolting times, with the fluctuations in the weather and all, as well as the ensuing floods. Better have your house prepared, by having all the necessary facilities on the ready and on standby, to keep the floods from causing further damage, not only to your house but also to your water supply. Thanks for sharing that!

    Sharon Strock @ StormChamber


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