Lenten Plans with H.

H. is three now – just at the age where he’s starting to understand that there’s something more to these days, but not quite ready to grasp the deeper concepts so planning out Lent and Easter for him has been a balancing act of too much or not enough.  I don’t want underestimate his comprehension, but I also don’t want to spend too much time doing and talking about things he’s not ready for yet.

So here’s our *work in progress* Lenten plans

*Ash Wednesday – Go to church (might not be happening due to a sick H. now) and take down the remaining “winter” decor in the house.  Possibly have him help me put away any lingering snacks in the kitchen.  Print out THIS calendar and start coloring in.

*Start a “good deeds” bean jar.  I like the idea of changing out the beans for jelly beans on Easter – I think it’s a “change” that a 3 year old will be impressed by.  Since H. has no siblings to treat nicely or do things for this will just be a good behavior type of reward system.

*Prayer Window – Much like our “Thank You Window” during November.  I want to encourage a little more family/child prayer by thinking up people/things to pray for each day (or ever couple of days.  We’ll let this lay as it falls.)

*Alms Giving – I’ll plan on picking up a Rice Box at church tomorrow and encourage Henry to help us fill it.  I’m thinking instead of the stickers we sometimes use as a reward for cleaning up, that we’ll give him change to put in his box.

*St. Patrick’s Day – I definitely want to make corned beef and Chocolate Guinness Cake again this year.

*First Day of Spring – I loved having a “spring” day last year, and am looking forward to changing up our nature table.

*Resurrection Garden – I’d really like to set something like this up this year, but I’m not convinced we’re ready yet.  I still have a few more weeks to decide though.

*Holy Week – I’m really considering adding something like this to our mix this.  I’m still not ready to share the full graphic nature of the Stations of the Cross with my preschooler, but I’d like to start to introduce him to the fuller story.

*And of course books – but more to come on that later.

One thought on “Lenten Plans with H.

  1. I'm thinking we'll do the resurrection garden this year–I saw packets of grass seed at the nursery last week so I grabbed one. I think my boys will really like it although my husband did not understand at all when I tried to explain it to him! Clearly he doesn't spend enough time on Pinterest……

    I haven't pulled out all our Lent stuff yet–my goal is to set it all up before bed so I've still got some more time 🙂


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