The Candle Window

{sorry for the absence – a nasty head-cold knocked me out for a few days}

I thought I’d show you what we’re doing for a Lenten Activity with Henry.  I decided to do something similar to our “Thank You Window” in November, with a cutout to hangup and an activity to go along with it.  When I was taking down our winter decorations I really didn’t want to take down our window Candlemas/Birthday candles yet and realized that the symbol of the candle as an aid to prayer would be perfect.

So out came my construction paper hoard and I drew out some votive candle shapes on purple paper – because purple is the color of the Lenten Season.

I wanted a religious themed lesson to start sharing with Henry, but Stations of the Cross or something heavy like that seemed a little too much this year.  Then I remembered that I had these books from when I was a kid called “Big Thoughts for Little People: ABC’s to Help You Grow” which is is an ABC book of virtues.

Since I knew we wouldn’t get around to a lesson each night I figured that the 26 letters of the alphabet seemed like a good goal for the season.  Each Letter has a two page illustration, a simple lesson attached to the letter and the questions to ask the child about the picture and lesson and a bible verse.  I’ve found that Henry, at three, can do a pretty good job at understanding and answering these questions.

So every night that we have the time and interest we read a new page, I write the word from the corresponding letter of the alphabet on the construction paper and review the lessons it teaches.  Then Henry gets to put a candle cutout in the window.

We also have “Giant Steps for Little People” which focuses on lessons from the Sermon on the Mount and the 10 Commandments if we actually get through all of “Big Thoughts”.

So that’s that for now!

(p.s. I have the “classic” versions of these and it looks like “Big Thoughts” has been reprinted with new illustrations so I can’t speak to the illustrations in the new version or if anything has changed, but I loved these books growing up).

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  1. I remember really liking them as a little girl and I feel they gave me a very clear idea of the behaviors that were expected of me without making me scared or feel guilty. Just a simple way that I understood – “this is how good girls act”. =)


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