Money Tight Montessori: Homemade Color Activities.

Thank goodness for Kathleen’s post this week to remind me that I had a couple half-finished Montessori projects waiting for me to get back to them!

These projects were quick and easy to make (even if I got a little lazy in the middle because my craft store only keep two packages of the wood rectangles on the shelf at a time).
Color Clips-
Simply just identical Pantone paint swatches (the biggest at our Lowes) cut out.  The smaller of the cut-outs were glued on to the top of clothespins we already had.

 Homemade Montessori Color Tablets:
Will eventually be a full set like this
Paint swatches from the hardware store (free), cut and Modge-Podged to wood rectangles.

We’ll be using these at home along with this book for some basic ideas.  Have you done in any fun Montessori projects lately?

4 thoughts on “Money Tight Montessori: Homemade Color Activities.

  1. If I had taken the time it couldn't have been cheaper too – if I had taken the time to just bought a long piece of wood to make the tablets by hand.


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