Lenten Plans

Thank you for the love on yesterday's post, but now for the nitty-gritty.  I've been trying to figure out how to better focus my Lenten plans for the last couple of weeks without them turning into "New Year's Resolutions".  There are many things I'd still love to challenge myself to give up - my caffeine... Continue Reading →

Not a New Year’s Resolution

 I'm very guilty of this - thinking of my Lenten sacrifices in a way that is completely selfish.  I think of the "sacrifices" I can make to help break my caffeine or sugar addictions, sleeping more, having a cleaner house or a certain type of family or personal time.  My often lenten sacrifice takes the... Continue Reading →

Weekends with Chesterton: Cheese-y Edition

Really I have no good reason why I choose this quote; it's just a favorite because it's so silly.  More deep thoughts to come in the weeks to come, but for now it's a little "cheesy" around these parts.Linking up with Amongst Lovely Things for Weekends with Chesterton

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