Rain, Rain Go Away

Come again in a few weeks once I've got the garden planted.Thanks to unseasonable cold streaks and days of rain I haven't gotten a single thing in the ground.How about you?

The Motto of the Working Mother

 Today I'm guesting posting over at Carrots for Michaelmas about the big secret of staying family focused as a working mother."A perfect little house with just enough space to be comfortable and cozy.  A yard big enough for adventures and exploration.  A gaggle of smiling children.  The ability to put real, wholesome food on the... Continue Reading →

The Easter Edition

Dyeing eggs the old fashioned way - Paas tablets from the grocery store.Which apparently make pretty decent watercolorsWhich, as it turns out, are a good way to distract your family while you set up the Resurrection Rolls (which failed rather spectacularly).So instead of yummy rolls, you get instant Easter decorations.That don't look too shabby.Now for... Continue Reading →

{Postcards} Good Friday

Hot Cross Buns after dinner.From the store, not worth getting again.  Maybe homemade next year.Introduction to the whole story.  (Thank you Bonnie and Kendra)First impression: "Jesus needs some band-aids."Lord, send your abundant blessing upon you peoplewho devoutly recall the death of your Sonin the sure hope of the Resurrection.Grant us pardon; bring us comfort.May our... Continue Reading →

Answer Me This #1

1. What time to you prefer to go to Mass?I actually like late afternoon/evening Mass, but that might be out of necessity because my rarely allows for anything different. 2. Would you rather be too hot or too cold?Cold!  Bring on the layers.  Once it gets above 75 degrees I'm uncomfortable and grouchy. 3. How many brothers... Continue Reading →

Holy Week Plans

It's that time of year again.  You know the time, when I completely loose track of how quickly a holiday is approach and scramble last minute to get things done in a meaningful way.This year I've been working cut back on my holiday obsession and focusing more on letting our holiday traditions evolve naturally.  I... Continue Reading →

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