Wedding Song Dance Along

Grace is doing a “wedding song dance along“.  So here you go….  yep most of our dancing pictures include the unimpressed guy in the “snack shop” and the foozeball table.  But, hey … we had a FOOZEBALL table at our wedding reception!  (Not really on purpose, but we had a small budget and the only room we could afford was definitely “low key”.  We also only had sandwich fixings, pasta salads and fruit for our dinner.  Rocking the best wedding ever starving artist style.)**

And we danced to “Everything Else Disappears” by Sister Hazel

 ** We found out later that we had a few friends and family members who were gluten sensitive and this was the first wedding they’d ever been able to eat their fill at because we did a make your own sandwich line.  So go us and our “we can’t afford a proper sit down dinner”-ness.

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  1. So lovely, Molly! We didn't have a dance so our first dance as a married couple was probably something silly in our closet size kitchen in our small apartment (a house broken up into several small apartments) on the corner of Seerley Blvd and Olive St. Our wedding was done on a still broke college student budget so we had hot turkey sandwiches and mashed potatoes. 🙂


  2. Love it! I wish I had been at yours =D If there's one thing I would have done differently is intentionally planned a smaller wedding – done it earlier in the day and just done a late brunch type of thing, probably without music and the like. But, now that's my plan for our 10 year anniversary 😉


  3. Go Hawkeyes!

    I'm a Hawkeye now living in MN. Miss Iowa City something fierce though – even after 17 years away!

    Love the photo and your dress!
    Thanks for sharing,


  4. Aww Thank you Lea! I think our wedding was the last event in the lower part of the Mem. Union before it flooded in 2008 (a couple weeks after the wedding), so it's kind of special to have these pictures of a place that no longer exists.


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