Holy Week Plans

It’s that time of year again.  You know the time, when I completely loose track of how quickly a holiday is approach and scramble last minute to get things done in a meaningful way.

This year I’ve been working cut back on my holiday obsession and focusing more on letting our holiday traditions evolve naturally.  I don’t want to end up doing something “just because it was on Pinterest”; rather I want to focus on doing exactly what speaks to our hearts and a big part of this is not trying to do everything.

Luckily Holy Week falls on my “light week” rotation for work, so I have this weekend, Monday AND Wednesday off to fit things in and get things prepared.

Things I want to accomplish over the next week:

  • Get a few religious Easter books from the library to read through and cover the basics of the story.    I’m still not ready to divulge the full Stations of the Cross to my 3 year old and am content with him knowing the basics of the story right now.  It just doesn’t feel right for us and I’m going with that. Our Tomie dePaola’s Book of Bible Stories seems just at our level this year and we have The Tale of Three Trees to read too.
  • Get a few fun and silly Easter books, too.
  • Challenge myself to “Holy Week Housecleaning“on Monday and Tuesday
  • Make Hot Cross Buns on Friday. 
  •  Keeping quiet on Friday afternoon – a challenge because I work that day so I’m thinking a little post work adoration might be in order.
  • Make Resurrection Rolls and dye Easter Eggs Saturday night.
  • Take down the Lenten Candles (we got through the book and he really liked doing it!) and hang up some type of craft in the big window on Saturday.
  • Confession.
  • Going to Mass on Palm Sunday (Saturday for us), Maudy Thursday and Easter Sunday.

Next year feels right to tackle the bigger parts of the story – I’m thinking resurrection eggs and maybe this or this will be a new part of our traditions next year.

Part of last years Easter Basket
How about you?  What are your plans next week?

    4 thoughts on “Holy Week Plans

    1. There's so much to do here! We rocked out the about 50% of the outside today, and I got some clothes sorted and stored (and a big ol' pile for a garage sale in May). But oh boy, there's a lot to do. Makes me wonder why I'd ever want a bigger house.


    2. Haha true! I keep telling myself love the size of my house except it needs 1 more bedroom, a proper dining room and few extra feet in the living room/bathrooms and it'd perfect.


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