I "Love Good Music": 5 Favorites and a Special Offer!

I love finding new music, but recently have had trouble finding music that suits my tastes, but is good enough in the right ways to listen to with the whole family in the car.  I was thrilled to learn about the “Love Good Music” project.  It’s a great way to support emerging artists and get a monthly dose of new, good music.

For $15 a month I get a free digital download and a hardcopy of a new artist to keep or share.  It’s a great deal and something I feel good supporting.  And speaking of supporting, they’re trying to grow their company right now and I get to offer you a sweet deal.  You’ll find more about at the bottom of this post!

A little bit about LGM in their own words:

Love Good Music is a community of music lovers who believe that good music can change the world. Our ongoing crowd-funding helps artists we believe in release new music we can live by. In exchange for our patronage, we receive a brand new album every month featuring the best new music across genres.
The vision is far-reaching and hopes to bring art and beauty back into the forefront of the music industry and the culture at large. Most of the artists associated with Love Good Music have had considerable success funding new projects through Kickstarter and other crowd-funding resources. Many of these projects have gone on to sell tens of thousands of copies in countries all over the world, and we realize more than ever that there are countless people out their who believe in good music and are willing to support this growing community of artists and their new projects from start to finish.
Patronage is not a new concept. It’s as old as western civilization. We hope to bring it back as the primary source of funding for new records so artists have the space to be free and creative in their craft and not tied down to Billboard charts and Clear Channel markets.


So today I’m going to share with you my favorite finds from the Love Good Music project.

Alanna-Marie Boudreau is one of those rare singer/songwriters whose music makes you smile just as easily as her vulnerability stirs your heart. This collection of seven songs comprises her debut EP, Hands in the Land. Deeply poetic and often playful, Alanna-Marie explores the depths of her own humanity throughout this project – asking the difficult questions of love, friendship, family, and forgiveness.”
Favorite Song:
Boy on a Bicycle

“You will not be disappointed by the latest offering from the very talented indie/jazz/pop/folk artist Colleen Nixon. You probably know her best as the voice of Marian Grace, where she has collaborated with Jimmy Mitchell to breathe new life into ancient hymns and sold thousands of albums across the world. You may even be familiar with her EP entitled Love Is In The Details that released in 2009 under her maiden name, Colleen McCarron. You now have the opportunity to own the very best in original songs from one of the finest up-and-coming indie artists on the scene with her full-length debut album.”
Favorite Song:
“Body & Soul”
“At times, a sleight, speckled songbird leading you through a dream you barely knew you were having; at others, Rebecca Roubion presents as a barely-hinged crooner, desperate to share the truths she’s tried and tested in the trenches of life and love. Raised in the Heart of Dixie and a Nashville transplant, Roubion is more than a pretty face with a song” 
Favorite Song:
“Vacherie Girl”

 “In early 2011 after finishing touring behind O Tall Tree, Roman Candle began writing ideas for a new record. Skip and Timshel packed their family (with their three little boys) into a tour van and drove across the country to work on lyrics and play house concerts.  Working around day jobs, new marriages, and family life, most recording sessions began around 9 pm. Children slept on pallets on the floor of a sound proof booth. Friends and family came and went for meals and collaboration. Over a series of collected nights throughout the next several months, the 11 songs of Debris became a record. “
Favorite Song:
“Every Time”
“After marrying in 2012, Greg & Lizzy naturally began writing and sharing songs from the heart of their relationship, offering healthy doses of humor and joy, along with fears, trials, and the ultimate triumph of authentic love. To the Dust is a collection of 13 original songs inspired by their own experiences of love, faith, and marriage. Expressed via sincere artistry and lyrical depth, which is never forced and often surprising, the entire album is infused with poetic insights born from Blessed John Paul II’s teachings on authentic love.”
Favorite Song:
“You Make Me Happy” 

Go HERE to check out all their good works!
Check them out on Facebook, too. 
Do you Love Good Music? Become a Patron today!

 We are a community of music lovers who believe that good music can change the world. Our ongoing crowd-funding helps artists we believe in release a new album every month!


If you’d like to become a patron you can use the coupon code:
to receive $5 off your subscription and it’s SO worth it!
This coupon code is for $5 off indeffinitely, so if you become a $15 patron, you’ll only pay $10.  Always.
Support good musicians with good messages today!  
If you “LOVE GOOD MUSIC”  you’ll love this.

*The opinions expressed here are purely my own personal enthusiams.  I have not be reimbursed in any way to share this. HOWEVER, LGM is currently hosting a contest.  The person with the most new subscribers under their coupon code can win some awesome prizes, including a trip to Nashville or a concert in their town among others and OF COURSE I want to win!”

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