Just Hoping…

Over the last few months there have been some excellent posts challenging readers to rethink the phrase so many of us throw out in regards to our new babies, "As long as it's healthy."  I love Kendra's and Sarah's posts - they're challenge notions about life, health and worthiness of it all.  These are messages... Continue Reading →

The Vegetable Season

Potatoes making their apperanceBroccoli, Cauliflower and Swiss Chard adding a pop of color.Raspberry Canes making a comeback this year, with lots of little shoots for next year.  Yes, I need to weed.... again.The onion experiment (bulbs and bundles) both doing well.These are growing along the white fence by the raspberries, never seen them before.  Bleeding... Continue Reading →

One is Silver and the Other is Gold

 "Make new friends,but keep the old.One is silver,the other is gold."Did anyone else sing that song about friends in Girl Scouts or other activities growing up?  I always loved that little rhyme.  Making friends was not my strong suit growing up - what friends I had were always very special too me, often hard own... Continue Reading →

Sister Knits

I've been sitting on these pictures for a couple week now.  Had to make sure they had arrived at their final destination before sharing them.  I made these two sweaters for Elizabeth's little girls.  Now don't be too jealous, I started them last year and had about 5 finish-by dates come and go in the... Continue Reading →

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