The Vegetable Season

Potatoes making their apperance

Broccoli, Cauliflower and Swiss Chard adding a pop of color.

Raspberry Canes making a comeback this year, with lots of little shoots for next year.  Yes, I need to weed…. again.

The onion experiment (bulbs and bundles) both doing well.

These are growing along the white fence by the raspberries, never seen them before.  Bleeding Hearts?

Peonies ready to pop.  We sacrificed a bunch of them for the big garden bed last fall, but we’ll still have plenty to pretty things up.
Succulents to add a little color to the front of the house.
An early anniversary gift.  A Hydrangea (our wedding flower) bush for the front of the house.  I’m excited to treat it so I will have blue Hydrangea flowers every year for my anniversary.

I’m stepping out of my comfort zone a little this year and starting to add non-edible plants to my digging lists this year.  It’s time to start focusing on making this place a little more easy on the eyes, but it’s a challenge because I have a strong practical streak and the idea of spending lots of time just on flowers is a bit baffling.  Hence the perennial bushes and succulents which make promises not to need much of my time.

I feel like that comes through in my day to day life, too.  It’s the vegetable season of my life – one where I need to focus on the practical more than the pretty.  It’s the time to worry about getting things clean, but not to worry if they match.  To get things done without worrying if the final result is aesthetically pleasing.  I think it comes with the territory of having young kids – it’s the time for cultivating these little minds and bodies.  The decoration stage comes later, a finishing touch once the deep digging and hard work is over.  Of course, I’m not sure it’s ever over.

2 thoughts on “The Vegetable Season

  1. No, not bleeding hearts. The leaves are different. Not sure what, though! I love hydrangeas so much but alas, I cannot seem to make them thrive. Mine are just a scraggly bunch of leaves about two inches high 😦 Hope you do better!


  2. Beautiful, wonderful reflections. YES. A vegetable season of life. This is so true of my life right now. I don't read novels or poetry; I don't paint or draw . . . I do love these things; but I'm so busy with reading books on education and homesteading, and putting together educational activities and cleaning the house and cooking . . . I really hope to return to the “flowers”; but right now, it's mostly veggies. 🙂


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