Crafting Cheats

I have a confession to make.  I think we over do it on the "craft projects" in the 2-5 (maybe even older) realm.  I remember when getting to make a craft project was a special treat in school or maybe during a holiday and now EVERYTHING has a craft project.  I love doing crafts with... Continue Reading →

Talk to Me…. About Preschool!

Four to six days a month we send off our three year old to daycare.  Because he doesn't attend very often my expectations are low - care, play, food, nap pretty much covers it.  In our area though it is normal to start "preschool" at the age of three and while I love our early... Continue Reading →

Rainy Days and Herding Cats

Ichiban Eggplants; such beautiful flowers!Cucumbers coming back to life.First Broccoli of the season is almost here.Guardian at the GateMortgage LifterWatermelon among the hostas.Raspberries, coming soon.Rainy day.A storm moved in today and kept us from our first soccer game of the year.  If you can call letting a bunch of three and four year old's let... Continue Reading →

5 Favorite Boredom Busters {Usborne}

Hey friends!  I'm still doing the book selling thing on the side and wanted to take one post to share some of my favorite boredom busters.Growing up summer and books went together like peanut butter and jelly (or bananas or pickles, whatever your taste may be).  I love doing my summer readings programs at the... Continue Reading →

Pentecost Flames

Pentecost is still a new one to me - I'm still learning about it's significance and how to celebrate it.  With the Easter decorations coming down I wanted to do something in our big front window.  Luckily Maite Roche (a favorite illustrator of children's Christian books) shared a great picture on Facebook just a few... Continue Reading →

The Nature of Things

Every morning I go outside for a minute or two with my garden before heading off to work striking up a day of parenting.  It's a few minutes to gather in the day and see the progress these little living things of mine have made in just a few short hours.Today I walked out to... Continue Reading →

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