Pentecost Flames

Pentecost is still a new one to me – I’m still learning about it’s significance and how to celebrate it.  With the Easter decorations coming down I wanted to do something in our big front window.  Luckily Maite Roche (a favorite illustrator of children’s Christian books) shared a great picture on Facebook just a few days ago.  So I pulled out my stack of tissue paper and my ream of Con-tact paper and made quick work of it.

We read the story of Pentecost from our Tomie dePaola’s Book of Bible Stories and went to work.  All in all, this probably took about 20 minutes from start to finish.  I just stack the tissue paper on top of one another and cut out flames of varying sizes.  We stuck the smallest flames on the Con-tact paper first (I tape it to our porch door, sticky side out) and built up of the fires.  When I was done I turned it sticky side down and stuck it up on the window.

Tissue paper, Cont-tact paper and construction paper the tools of my trade for quick, easy to clean up toddler crafts.

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