Rainy Days and Herding Cats

Ichiban Eggplants; such beautiful flowers!
Cucumbers coming back to life.
First Broccoli of the season is almost here.
Guardian at the Gate
Mortgage Lifter

Watermelon among the hostas.
Raspberries, coming soon.

Rainy day.

A storm moved in today and kept us from our first soccer game of the year.  If you can call letting a bunch of three and four year old’s let loose on an open field with a ball “soccer”; I call it herding cats.

The garden is doing well, but I still have so much to learn about gardening.  We enjoyed big spinach salads the other day and any day we can harvest the chard and the first broccoli.  The potatoes and cauliflower are out of control and anything in the legume family is still getting chomped by a nighttime visitor.

I’m counting down to the weekend – a short trip out of town and then maybe some new traditions for Solstice/St. John’s Eve.  I’m thinking a bonfire, or at least grilling, fresh food and maybe a special night up late to take advantage of the longest day of the year.

What are your plans?

3 thoughts on “Rainy Days and Herding Cats

  1. Your gardening pictures are so pretty it makes me want to go out and work in the yard! I didn't give it a try this year (because a ground hog ate every plant I started from seeds in the basement last year!) but I'm hoping maybe next year if we move! I love watching veggies grow!


  2. What a wonderful garden! I hope the mortgage lifter tomato grows well for you. I tried to grow it last year and all of them were rotten when I cut into them. I was so bummed.

    This morning I went to Junkstock (sort of like a flea market/large yard sale). We have plans to grill, hoping to make some s'mores, and just general relaxing. I am sure I wil have to schedule some time to clean the house and do a load or five of laundry.

    Have a lovely weekend!


  3. Oh my goodness, those eggplant blossoms really are beautiful! I want to add some to the mix in our garden next year, but only if I can find some of a miniature variety. Gotta do some research!


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