Crafting Cheats

I have a confession to make.  I think we over do it on the “craft projects” in the 2-5 (maybe even older) realm.  I remember when getting to make a craft project was a special treat in school or maybe during a holiday and now EVERYTHING has a craft project.  I love doing crafts with my son, but really don’t like to do them all the time, I like them to be special occasion things.  We probably get out our crafts supplies about once a month right now and usually it’s for a holiday related theme.  Granted my son is just more interested in building ramps and roads that using crayons and paints; it’s just who he is.

(We also keep craft supplies on hand if he ever gets interested in just exploring or making art on his own, but that’s not a “project”.)

These are the items I keep on hand for “projects”.  I love these because I can whip up a project in a small amount of prep time (usually), and they’re typically fast to complete which is perfect for my not so crafty son. An additional plus is that I can “finish” these projects to end up with a nice finished project, but because they’re easily replicated I don’t feel bad throwing them out after they’ve served their purpose.

1.  Tissue Paper – I buy mine in a big stack from the gift wrap section and it takes a while to get through.

2.  Colored Construction Paper – Once again a big stack can last a while.

3.  Black Construction Paper – What I use for many of our window projects.

 4.  Con-Tact Paper –  use this for almost everything.

 5.  Watercolor Paper and Watercolor paints – We have acycrlics, but watercolor is so much easier to control and clean up.  I got my paper and set in the Clearance section of Hobby Lobby, it was a great score.

Additional Cheats – 
  • Exact-O knife blade; perfect for cutting out fun shapes without folding up the paper.
  • Cookie Cutters – what I use to cut out a lot of my shapes
  • Pinterest – where I get most of my ideas

Using just these items I’ve created some pretty fun, nice craft projects with my 2-3 year old.

5 thoughts on “Crafting Cheats

  1. Oh man, we pretty much never do “crafts.” I hate spending time/money on something that in reality I'm probably going to have to sneak in to the trash later 🙂 I usually just set out the art supplies and let them create until they're bored–so about 10-15 minutes these days.

    We had a stint at leaving all the supplies out so they could help themselves but once the baby was mobile it all got put away again. The big boys can still reach it on their own but–out of sight out of mind–so we haven't been doing much art lately!


  2. Here's one of my craft confessions: Glitter Soup.

    Glitter. Bowls of water. Spoons. Have at it, girls.

    Yup. We did that a number of times, and my girls always called it a craft. Cuz I raised 'em right. 🙂


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