History Followed Me Home

My trip to my favorite place usually means my car comes back with more than it arrived.  A few presents for a great-grandchild and odds and ends my grandparents no longer need, but don’t want to throw away.  Occasionally it’s something really special.  This trip was one of those times (along with the box of “new” cars for Henry and a turkey roaster).

These are the toolboxes my great-grandfather Albert made.  He worked in a cigar making factory and every week the tobacco would be shipped in big crates that would be emptied and torn apart.  At the end of the week the wood from the boxes would be put out by the road and people would pick up what they needed for their own projects.  These boxes were made from that wood.

No one remembered that he had painted his name “Albert Schwartz” on the larger of the boxes and it was a fun discovery to make.  Nothing much is going to happen to these boxes; they’ll get wiped down and touched up for preservation, a little clear sealant, but other than that we’re not going change a thing.  I want them just as they are.  A wonderful piece of our family history that followed me home.

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  1. These posts about your grandparents' house are making me sad! I lost my grandpa this year and my mom just sold the old house he and my grandma had lived in for the past fifty years. I used to spend every summer there when I was little and it was really the one constant in my life growing up. No matter what happened I knew I could go there and everything would be just like it always was–i.e. wonderful and magical and perfect. The house is so far away from us now that I couldn't go and sort through everything and my mom and sister gave most of it away. My mom is supposed to be visiting next week and bringing the things she thought I would want so we'll see if she chose well. Really I wanted all of it, but I suppose that's not particularly practical 🙂

    It feels like such a hole in my chest knowing that it's all gone now. I fully support you spending as much time as you can at your grandparents' now while you are able.


  2. This is beautiful Molly. History is making me a hoarder. We got a lot of things after Alex's grandmother passed away and some of it doesn't work in our home but it is hard to get rid of it. I could see lining this box and storing heirloom linens in here.


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