Building Cathedrals


 And I did not get nearly enough pictures or talk to nearly enough people or eat nearly enough food or dance enough, but I think I cried enough.
It was a lovely weekend.  Everyone there had a story, a reason why they were there.  For some it was  treat they gave themselves, for others it was a huge sacrifice, for others it was an amazing gift from loving husbands, friends or families.  We all had stories – struggles of all kinds, families of all sizes, and stories of all shapes and sizes.  I think it was just what we all needed, whether it was a 48 hour break from the craziness or a lot of soul searching.
I wish more of us could have been there; Mary, Mandi, Maggie, Christina and so many others I wish we could have shared this together and I hope one day we can.
I think we all went home with Jen Fulwiller’s words echoing in our heads.  We’re not here to build these Cathedrals by ourselves.  God asks a lot of us, but he fills our Cathedrals with other workers.  We are not alone on this amazing journey.

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