All the Edel Feels

Since I did the Stages of Edel Acceptance so many months ago it’s only right to express myself in GIFS one last time.

Arriving at the Hotel, sans kiddos (or at least most of your kiddos)

Or maybe a little more like

A Little Nervous Before The Cocktail Party

But By the Beginning of the Gathering on Saturday

Listening to the Amazing Talks
Marion’s – 

And Maybe You Were A Little Distracted By the Jumbotron and the #edelwidowers tweets

Let’s Not Forget The Food


Then It Was Time to Party

And There Was More Dancing
And Good Times Were Had By All, But Then The Morning Came and It Was Time To Say Goodbye
But You Left Feeling Just a Little Bit Like This
I probably have another post in me about this weekend, so bare with me friends =)

14 thoughts on “All the Edel Feels

Add yours

  1. Okay, Blogger hates me and ate my first comment (?!) so this may show up twice. So sorry, so dumb.

    Anyway, I loved this! And I was just telling Haley that her recap made me cry happy tears. Looks like an amazing weekend!

    And you absolutely do have a gift for GIFs. LOVE IT!


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