Faith and Values: My Favorite Books for Toddlers/Preschoolers

I’ll just go ahead and admit I’m new to this game and I will definitely admit that our faith-based learning at home is not perfect.  There are days where my three year old recites his prayers like a little cherubim and other times it’s in a guttural drawl that is actually the ancient language of the Cthulu.

I’ve talked about using this book before, and I’m so glad I still had it from when I was a child.  It’s just at the level that Henry can understand and we can have pretty good conversations about what’s good and bad in the pictures.

We also have this one, that I’m planning on using later this year in a similar way.

(Amazon tells me there’s also “Wise Words for Little People”, based on Proverbs, and “Good News for Little People”, which I’d like to look into.  If you’re looking for exclusively Catholic books -I’m not sure if these books have a particular Protestant bent, if there is one I haven’t noticed yet, but I’m not an expert.  I just know that they were a great resource when I was a child and I still value their message today)

 I have a love of Maite Roche’s books.  They’re just lovely and perfect for preschoolers.

We’ve been growing our collection this year.
They’re a little advanced for our level right now, but I’m glad I have these two.  Particularly the Stations of the Cross, it doesn’t shy away from the full story, but approaches it in a way I feel comfortable with for my kids.

A few other hold overs from my childhood are these Ideals books (as I’m writing this H. jumped up and grabbed one of The Buddies’ books and is “reading” away).

Siegfried’s Silent Night is a the story about a brave mouse defending his family from an evil landlord and find solace in a church on Christmas Eve.

Little Luv Angel is about three angels being called to be born on earth, ending with them all being together to witness the birth of Jesus.  (This one might not be “theologically”correct, but it’s a lovely story and I know I related to Luv Angel’s feelings of loneliness a lot as a child.)

The Buddies are three friends with adventures of their own.  In a “A Day for Knights” they protect one of the buddies unborn sister (an egg) from an evil rat who wants to make her into supper.  In “Somebody’s Hero” there is a boxing match to help a mother and her three daughters (once again) raise money to keep their home against in a match rigged to fail.  I loved all these books as a little girl, but I’m so glad I have them to share them with my son.

All of these books were illustrated by Toby Bluth (Toby was an illustrator for Disney and worked with his brother Don Bluth when he also left Disney to make his own animation studio.  The Bluth’s are known for films like “An American Tail” and “The Land Before Time”, the illustrations in these are top notch.)
P.S.  If you can ever get a hold of Toby Bluth’s “Cinderella” don’t pass it up, it’s gorgeous and I spent hours pouring over the illustrations as a child.

What are your favorite resources for learning faith and values at home?

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  1. Love any and all by Tomie dePaola. I haven't found a more Catholic children's bible yet that has somewhat lovely art. They all seem to have that 1970s art that's not really my fave. I'd love to know if you (or someone else) knows of one!


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