Back to School with Usborne

Hello friends!  I’m still selling Usborne books on the side and thought now is the perfect time to share with you some of my favorite to add to your home libraries.  With school years kicking into high gear all around me these are my favorites to encourage a love of learning at home.  Whether your kids are taught at home or away, these are great additions to shelves!

Reading Collections:
First Encyclopedias:
First Encyclopedia of Science, Space, the Human Body and More
(8 years+)
Illustrated Dictionaries:

(6 years+)

Illustrated Elementary Math and Science:
(8 years+)

(12 years+)

(8 years+)

Foreign Language:

First Thousand Words in Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Russian and Spanish
Classic Literature:

And so much more.  Use the “search box” on the website to find books on any number of other subjects like:
Rocks & Minerals, Astronomy, History, Castles, World War I & II, Time Tables, Telling Time, Space, Wild West, Fairy Tales, Greek Myths and Shakespeare.
If you’d like your friends and family to help you stock your shelves for FREE send me a message and we can set up a Facebook party.  Their purchases will go towards earning you FREE books!

Contact me HERE

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