Judging a Book By Its Cover: My Seven Favorite Children’s Book Illustrators

I have a confession to make – I judge books by their covers.

Well, mostly I judge children’s books by their covers.  My non-scientific approach to finding good children’s book generally amounts to – “Ooh, that’s a neat picture!”  Generally, I find this approach works quite well.  Good storytelling and good illustration often goes hand in hand.

So today I wanted to share some of my favorite illustrators – the ones whose work I can spot from a mile away and generally doesn’t disappoint in the actual story.

I love these illustrators for a variety of reasons.  Often for the details that are hidden in each frame, just waiting for something new to be discovered.  Sometimes for the simplicity.  Some I love for their whimsy and others for the realism.  All in all, they are beautiful books to grace any bookshelf.













I could go on.*
So take this list and my blessing to appreciate children’s book illustrators and judge a book by it’s cover.

*Really I could, I’m already making “Part 2” in my head.

(If you need to expand your home library, these pictures are Amazon Affiliate Links for your purchasing pleasure.  I get a small kick back for this.  I usually buy books.)


10 thoughts on “Judging a Book By Its Cover: My Seven Favorite Children’s Book Illustrators

Add yours

  1. I would buy the phone book if Marla Frazee illustrated it! Just discovered Seven Silly Eaters to add to our (my?) growing collection, thanks to Kendra's post. And I love Trina Schart Hyman & Tomie de Paola, too. Can't wait to check out these others.


  2. Check out illustrations by K.Y. Craft. I checked out Twelve Dancing Princesses so many times in elementary school because I would just stare at the beautiful illustrations.


  3. Thank you so much for this collection! I was wondering if you have any favorite illustrators who have done Catholic children's books? I have been very frustrated with trying to find a beautifully illustrated Catholic children's bible in particular. When my girls are going to be looking at the pictures so much at their young ages I feel the illustrations are important and, well, I just haven't found one that doesn't seem kind of comic-strip like.


  4. For younger kids I adore anything by Maite Roche.

    I like the illustrators from the Once Upon a Time Saints series – Ben Hatke and Tom Matt and the “Life of a Saint Books” from Ignatius press seem to be nicely illustrated.

    Tomie DePaola has books on Mary, Bible Stories, St. Patrick, the Holy Twins, etc. too

    That's all I can think of at the moment, but maybe I can make a “Catholic Edition” sometime in the future! Thanks for the idea!


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