Everything I Needed to Know… I Learned From Cimorene

One day a princess, fed up with dancing lessons, embroidery and marriage talk, decided that something had to change.  She packed up her best crown and five handkerchiefs, followed a frogs instructions and volunteered to be a Dragon’s princess.

That just wasn’t done.  It wasn’t proper.

I was hooked.

Dealing with Dragons” is one of those books that just sticks with you as a child.  Oh, it’s no great epic tome, but it remains to this day one of the dearest books for my childhood.

I read it at least once a year and in the early days of my marriage even spent nights reading it aloud with my husband, excited to share a favorite series with him.

I included it last year in my “Great Girls Your Daughter Should Know” post and it’s been one of my top sellers on Amazon (thank you!).

1.  Wizards are not to be trusted.
2.  Always be practical in an Enchanted Forest
3.  A little soapy water with lemon solves a lot of life’s problems.
4.  This is the ultimate doormat.
Family take note…. Christmas 2014… just sayin’
5.  Chief Cook and Librarian is a perfectly respectable goal in life.
6.  Magic Carpets are fickle things.
7.  The “Right Honorable Wicked Stepmothers’ Traveling, Drinking and Debating Society”* is an awfully good inspiration for any group of friends you want to get together.  
*Men’s Auxiliary included.
8.  When in doubt make large batches of chocolate mouse.
9.  Sometimes the most unlikely of people make the best friends.
10.  Fencing, embroidery, cooking, Latin, economics, dancing …. 
you define what is right and proper for you to do.

Have you read the The Enchanted Forest Chronicles? If so what is your favorite lesson?

What was the most important thing you learned from your favorite book as a child?

(I think Cimorene would have appreciated the natural cleaning ebooks)
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5 thoughts on “Everything I Needed to Know… I Learned From Cimorene

  1. The Enchanted Forest Chronicles are awesome. I just reread it this winter – a welcome escape from the eternal snow and cold. We listened to it first on car trips – fun adventure for all ages. My older daughters would always include Cimorene on the baby name list for siblings. An important lesson learned? Always be polite – especially to dragons!


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