Cold Days, Good Books, Warm Knits

Whenever the seasons start to change I always have a deep desire to revisit Jane Eyre.  One day I’ll have to write out all my thoughts about her and Mr. Rochester, and there is so much to love, but for now I’ve been enjoying my beautiful hardback copy of the story and the movies on repeat.

If I can be honest about the movies – if I could have cinematography and music from the Gainsborough, the script from the Masterpeice Theatre version and the actors from the most recent I’d be in heaven.  But I enjoy them all in the end.

The change in the weather always brings out the knitting supplies and I’ve been knitting furiously over the last few weeks.  Cowls and fingerless gloves are my go to, but I have plans for socks and maybe a sweater before the season is done.

When looking for new patterns I love finding pieces inspired by literature and I shouldn’t have been surprised at the number of Jane Eyre inspired knits out there (some of these are directly inspired, and some just inspired me).  For your fibre-enthusiast pleasure, I’ve rounded up my favorite Eyre inspired creations.

{I am not the creator of any of these patterns, pictures or creations.  Please support independent designers and purchase their wonderful patterns!}

Plain Jhaynes

Bronte Mitts

Now who’s with me for a quick run to the yarn store and a Netflix movie marathon?

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