Schoolish: So Far

So for the heck of it I thought I’d try to keep up with our “Schoolish” home education.  We’re about to go into our first “break” or a catch up week.  So far it’s been very low key and just what we need – just a little structure, but not a lot of stress.  We’ve accomplished a surprising amount in just a little structured reading on my days off and playtime after work.  Definitely proving that children do not need hours of “schools” to make large strides in our home.

I really feel strongly about Montessori-esque principles at this age.  Namely in setting up and providing materials and then “following the child” – letting their interests and their own pac lead the way.  There are days where we BOB books on end (past what I have out for the week) and we go days without look at them.  Watching him doing puzzles over and over and indulging his first interest in anything related to writing.  After the last year of hating anything having to do with writing or drawing, he’s quite the enthusiast this week.

I also feel glad for previous knowledge from Charlotte Mason about quality reading materials – I could probably do a stand alone post about our books.

For now this is what’s working – just some accessible materials, lots of books, asking lots of questions as we read and very little structured activities (have I mentioned I’m not actually a fan of doing five billion craft projects a week?  I like making art with or without my kid, but draw the line).

If you need a refresher about the materials we’re providing at home take a look at the first School-ish post.

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