Preparing for the Feast


Been preparing for Michaelmas over the last few days.  Put the finishing touches on the autumn trees and brought out the pinecone hedgehogs.  Switched out our “Waldorf” picture.  Made a Michaelmas Candle.  I modged-podged cut out tissue paper on a glass pillar candle based on this transparency I love.  I have seen other “dragon candles” out there, but I wanted to make sure that we were focusing on the dragon aspect too much and forgetting that this is a celebration of the angels.

I think if I do this next year the background and angel will need to be a different color to make him stand out, but we know he’s there.  Was planning on lighting the candle each night to do a basic St. Michael “novena” – just praying the St. Michael Protection Prayer – to teach Henry, but our first two nights were a bust thanks to a melt down and then an unplanned sleepover at Grandmas.  Oh well, there’s always next year.

I think we’ll be doing our feast on Saturday since the husBen works Sunday and Monday evenings and I can’t wait for the blackberry deserts I only make once a year!  I’m planning on using up some chicken breasts and drumsticks that are in the freezer instead of a whole chicken, so if you have a recommendation for a good spicy drumstick recipe shoot it my way.  My husband loves hot and spicy food and this is a good opportunity for me to make him something (while the rest of us can eat more temperately flavored chicken breasts).

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  1. Love this!!! Every year I try to plan on doing something but I think not much is going to happen for us this year… But certainly praying the St. Michael prayer! It's one of my favorites these days because it's just so so SO perfect for all that's going on in the world :/


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