43 Shades of Grey: My Capsule Wardrobe

The 43 Piece Breakdown:Black boots, Brown boots, Fuzzy Snow Boots, Short brown boots, Black heels, Black flatsFive dresses - two heavier weight, two light weight and one mediumOne patterned skirtOne long skirtTwo drapey sweatersTwo cardigan sweatersFour long sleeved dressesFour sweatersSix patterned shirts/tunicsThree T-shirts(grey one not shown)One long sleeved blue shirtOne chambray tunicOne long grey vestBlack... Continue Reading →

Lively Faith: Ten Virtues of Mary

Lively - 1.  full or suggestive of life or vital energy; active, vigorous, or brisk:2.  animated, spirited, vivacious, or sprightly:3.  eventful, stirring, or exciting:4.  bustling with activity; astir:5.  strong, keen, or distinct; vivid:Faith1. confidence or trust in a person or thing:2.  belief that is not based on proof:I have to admit that one of the last words that pops into my head about the Virgin Mary is "Lively".  Every image I've ever seen of her is rather subdued.  I imagine her quietly sitting of to the side or calmly and serenely going about her... Continue Reading →

Cozy Monday

So glad that we got out to our favorite pumpkin farm this weekend before the weather turned dreary.  It's always a fun trip and this year they must be doing some work to their roads because there was a big pile of gravel for the kids to play on.  They're also rebuilding some barns and... Continue Reading →

Moving On With Miracles

Oh friends I feel like I can breath again.  Last weekend on a whim I checked my medical chart.  I don't know what drove me to do it as I've been systematically avoiding the doctor's since August; but I did.As it turns out I missed a call from my doctor at the beginning of September... Continue Reading →

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