Cozy Monday

So glad that we got out to our favorite pumpkin farm this weekend before the weather turned dreary.  It’s always a fun trip and this year they must be doing some work to their roads because there was a big pile of gravel for the kids to play on.  They’re also rebuilding some barns and cutting their own timber so it was a fun treat to see the big cutter sitting out and heartening to see a farm coming back to life in that way.  We also hit up the apple orchard, but were too busy stuffing our selves with apple donuts and “Apple Spider” that there weren’t too many pictures to be had.

Saturday gave us the best day Henry has had at Mass in a long time.  I’m almost believing what I tell myself that “If you take them, they will learn to behave”.

Sunday was full on cleaning mode and getting out the fall and Halloween decorations.  There’s something about them that officially announces that we’re heading into the inside-season here and I love it.  We just need to source some hardwood for the fireplace and I’m good to go as far as not going outside for a few months.

Today is dreary; perfect for cooking, knitting and a little work on that Halloween costume I’m supposed to be making.

Happy Monday everyone!

4 thoughts on “Cozy Monday

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  1. Happy Monday to you too! It is very dreary here as well. I love that he calls it apple spider.

    Parents with toddlers in church are saints. Seriously. It is so hard for Kasper to sit still that long that we just don't go. But I know practice makes better. I just find that being stressed out in church is the complete opposite of what I should feel. Bless you Molly. 🙂


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