Our Own Little {Oratory} Corner

I’m behind the times.  It took forever for my library to get a hold of a copy of The Little Oratory: A Beginner’s Guide to Praying in the Home, but I’m glad it’s got a permanent place in our local library now.

We’ve slowly be turning one little corner in our house into a type of oratory or prayer corner and when my grandparents handed down a little bookcase to us a few months ago it finally all came together.  The bookcase is from a library my grandmother worked at, so it’s extra special to me.  It’s situated at the top of our stairs right outside our bedrooms and bathroom – the one place I can guarantee we all walk past every day.

A lot of our corner is just happy accident.  I love that on one side we have a reminder of the value of our children and our marriage and on the other are reminders of Christ, Mary and the Apostles.

The bookcase shelves hold our nature table items as well as our Waldorf style picture frame.  We have a number of religious themed pictures for them – obviously we need to dig out St. Martin and put St. Michael to rest for a little bit.

On the top is a little bit of the religious artwork I’ve started to collect.  A picture from Jude Landry that I got at Edel and a Marian artwork from Flor Larios.  And that little bit of paper… the head of a dinosaur from a pop up book, because… why not?

There’s still work to be done, but I love it all.

4 thoughts on “Our Own Little {Oratory} Corner

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  1. What a lovely corner! I love how the bookcase has both ties to your grandmother and the library. So very special!

    Is the tree stitched? Did you make it? If so, can I commission you to make me one? 😉


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