10 thoughts on “Sick Days

  1. We got a few inches yesterday… at least the kids were excited! Like my husband said, at least if it had to snow it's pretty to look at, but I still wouldn't mind if we didn't have snow quite yet. Hope your little man feels better very soon!


  2. Oh, I'm sorry to hear you've got a sick little one at home! A snowy day of cuddles is so nice though! We got a little bit of snow today…but nothing like this! Seems like autumn is coming to a close 🙂


  3. Feel better soon! Love the snow and your little corners really do look cozy! Pretty sure my home looks like the piled up dishes and toys everywhere even on non-sick stents so…you are awesome! That aside, pray the little one feels better!


  4. Oh thank goodness. My house looks pretty much exactly like that (trade the toys for extremely large pairs of man-pants and several screw drivers and a wrench). I'm not the only one with “sick house” goin' on!

    And I must know more about the hanging stars! They're SO CUTE! I'm feeling a new project coming on… need instructions! =)


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