A Few of My Favorite Things

I love to support my friends in their crafty, business pursuits.  Is it odd that one thing I actually enjoy about being an employed mother is that it allows me the smallest amount of dinero to help support my friends ventures?  I’ve shared before that most of the business I share on the blog or on my sidebar are businesses of friends who I support out of love (i.e. I don’t make ad revenue of spots on my blog outside of my three affiliate programs).

Since it’s still early enough to add things to our Christmas lists I wanted to share some of my favorite people and their crafty things.

These are things that I’ve purchased that I personally stand behind – the quality is excellent and worth every penny.  These are things that I think adhere to that adage from William Morris “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”  I don’t want to share these items to make your feel like you need more stuff, particularly if it won’t serve a purpose.  I share these things because I believe they might be a beautiful, useful item that you could need or want.

One extra note before we get started – I know, from experience, that money isn’t always free flowing in our households and sometimes it’s hard to see fun, cute things that just aren’t in my budget.  When I make a purchase to support my friends stores it’s usually something that takes planing and saving in my budgets and not something I can do without a second thought with a click of a button.  If you are not in a place to financially support my friends or your friends right now that is okay.  Say a prayer for their endeavors, maybe share a link via social media and don’t worry if pretty things have to sit on your “want” list because the “need” list takes priority.  We’ve all been there and it’s okay.

If you find yourself with a little extra pin money, these are a few of my favorite things made or sold by my dear friends and I would be honored if you’d consider supporting them with your hard earned, well saved money this season.

Bumblewood Handmade  –

Meg’s Tea Tree and Rosemary Scrub is amazing on my dry skin, the Spa Bar is a special treat after a long day and I live in her lip balms in the winter.

Starting November 17th the code HOLIDAY20 will get you 20% on purchases through the end of December!

Organic Mama’s Shop

As I shared last week, I love Shannon’s Rosary bracelets!

Shannon is offering 20% with the code MOLLYMAKESDO now through November 29th.

Allison Kinyon Rosaries

Allison’s rosaries are wonderful too.  I had her make me this one with a Holy Family center and have used it often.  She does amazing custom work and has a wide variety of crucifixes, beads, etc. to choose from.

Allison will be offering some special deals starting in DECEMBER and running through the end of the month:

“I will be having a Cyber Monday sale in my Etsy shop on December 1 that will be free shipping with coupon code CYBERMONDAYFREE
After that there will be 10% off all rosaries through Christmas Eve using coupon code ADVENT10.”
There will also be a Small Business Saturday sale! Use coupon code SMALLBIZSAT for 15% off on Saturday, November 29th!

Call Her Happy

Jenna’s embroidered necklaces are just so much fun, plus she has so many designs to choose from.  I have my eye on a Mistletoe for the holiday season.
Jenna is offering FREE Domestic Shipping with the Code CHHFREESHIP

Lilla Rose Consultant – Mandi R.

Mandy sells beautiful hair accesories through her Lilla Rose store  
 Even short hair gals like me can use the pins and headbands!
Contact her at richards.mandi@gmail.com for the latest deals and specials!

Amazing, handmade baby items!  I’m secretly hoping Nell will start offering these Charlie Harper leggings in an adult size soon.
Nell is going to be offering FREE Shipping NOW through December 31st!

Audrey Eclectic

I’ve got Audrey Eclectic’s Woodland Madonna in my cart just waiting for a purchase.  Isn’t her artwork just amazing?

A Little Message from Audrey Eclectic
 “As for my shop— within the next week I hope to be adding brand new Christmas postcards and handmade ornaments! I also have a free downloadable advent calendar I designed that kids (and adults!) can color in. You can find it on the “downloadables” page of my blog at www.audreyeclectic.blogspot.com

If you would like to support me this holiday season I still sell great kids books over at Usborne Books & More  you can order through the site just like any online retailer and most orders ship within 24 hours!  If you’re looking for Christmas books, act quickly – they won’t be restocked when they run out!

And am an affiliate with Holy Heroes

And an Amazon.com Affiliate


Thanks for joining me in this little Holiday Bazaar!  Thank in advance for your support of my friends.

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