Sitting with Each Other

Earlier this month I shared on the MMD Facebook page that I was starting out the Advent season a bit melancholy.  Most days are fine, but then others I feel the weight of our losses and fertility struggles a bit to keenly.My friend Laura, from Mothering Spirit, wrote these words on the post:"Maybe that is... Continue Reading →

{Postcards} Advent 4

No postcards last week; way too busy at work.  But this week?  I'm off from Saturday until Friday!  And there's so much to do.But, most importantly my Christmas present arrived!  My grandmother's piano is here and I've already been filling the house with sounds of it's out of tune glory (the tuning will be my... Continue Reading →

{Postcards} St. Lucy

Sometimes on a Feast Day you have to be at work by 6:30.  So special breakfast treats happen at 4:30 in the afternoon right before the church clothes battle.  Still counts.Kept it simple this year - cinnamon rolls from a tube braided into a crown and swirls.If you have a point click over to this... Continue Reading →

Be Strong and Take Heart

For those of you who follow me in person or via the blog on Twitter or Facebook you've probably seen me share about my friend Kathleen and her family this week.For those who don't know, my dear blog friend Kathleen's new baby boy Felix was diagnosed with Severe Combine Immunodefiency.  It's a very serious disease... Continue Reading →

The Messy Grace.

"Grace is surprising by definition.  We do not earn it, we cannot control it, we will not tame it.""Sacraments have their own rhythms that beckon us back.  Take and eat. Repent and forgive.  Bless and heal.""And yet I do not believe this road ends anywhere else but the alter of unexpected suffering.  We lose control... Continue Reading →

{Postcards} Advent 2

St. Nicholas came.  Cupcakes were made for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.  A new friend courtesy of our holiday Thieves Market.  Camping out on the couch.  Finally found a decent pan to make beeswax ormaments in and relishing in Christmas lights and scents.  Turns out smell is a big thing to me - a... Continue Reading →

Saint-a Claus

We're gearing up for our third Saint Nicholas celebration on Saturday.  This is a new tradition for me and I've put way too much thought into the other Santa/Saint Nicholas idea over the past few years and of course I'm still not a pro and can't say with certainty how it will all play out.Found... Continue Reading →

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