{Postcards} Advent: One

I’m not sure whether to officially dub this my thrift store Advent.  My advent wreath, advent calendar and candle holder are all finds from over the last year or so and they just go perfectly together.  Making our own candles was quick and easy to and they smell fantastic.

I did manage to do a little decorating last night, but not in a mad rush like last year – so there’s a little improvement.  Just a bit here and there as I had a moment to go through the box.

So far we’re off to a good start.  Now if only the Advent Fairies would come clean my house.

4 thoughts on “{Postcards} Advent: One

  1. I did! I just got a bunch from a florist in town and then did them myself – the one above my kitchen sink is bound together by the red berries' wires, it worked perfectly and the fireplace mantel is just pieces cut and stuck under the clock to hold them down.


  2. Isn't the clock great? My husbands grandfather collected them and we got to pick out a few for our home after he passed away =) We're also proud owners of a clock mounted to the shell of a turtle 😉


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