Be Strong and Take Heart

For those of you who follow me in person or via the blog on Twitter or Facebook you’ve probably seen me share about my friend Kathleen and her family this week.

For those who don’t know, my dear blog friend Kathleen’s new baby boy Felix was diagnosed with Severe Combine Immunodefiency.  It’s a very serious disease which was caught early by screening.  Immediately upon receiving this news Felix was hospitalized, two hours away from his home to keep his very fragile immune system safe as he awaits the results (and hopefully a transplant) of their bone marrow scans.  A successful bone marrow transplant would essentially cure him.

Kathleen and her husband do not have to worry about the costs of the stay, but because she is a SAHM and her husband runs his own business they will essentially be without income for at least three months, but most likely six.  You can read more of her ups and down here on her blog.

There is a fundraiser that as of Friday night is already 70% funded.  It is my personal goal that this is funded 100% by Christmas Day so that they can spend Christmas free of at least one of their worries.

If you cannot currently donate financial the family welcomes any and all prayers.  Kathleen’s faith has already been amazing so far, but there is a long road to go.
For my Catholic friends, family and readers I’ve felt specifically called to ask the Intercession of Our Lady of La Leche.  I would love it if you would join me in this prayer:
O Lord Jesus Christ, through the intercession of Your tender Mother, Our Lady of La Leche, who bore You close to her heart during those long months before Your birth, I place Felix and the Quiring Family entirely in Your Hands. Free them, I beseech You, from useless and consuming worry. Accept the sacrifice of my aches and pains, which I unite to Your sufferings on the Cross. Above all, most merciful and loving Jesus, protect this child You have given to them from all harm, bestowing the health and vigor every baby needs. Implant in my heart and on my lips the words and prayers of Your Mother and mine, our Lovely Lady of La Leche. All this I ask that Felix may live to praise forever Your Holy Name. Amen.

For all of us I offer Psalm 31:24
Please share this post using the share buttons below – twitter, google plus, facebook, email.  Any financial help is greatly appreciated, but we also have complete faith that Faith and Prayer can move mountains.  At the moment our biggest prayer is to keep Felix safe from infections until a Bone Marrow match is made, ideally this will come from his immediate family.

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