{Postcards} Scenes from Christmas Morning


Christmas day has come and gone.  I definitely failed in the “take lots of pictures” category (we haven’t even take a picture, the three of us, together yet), but sometimes it’s nice to step away from the lens and just be present in the gifts and the baking and excitement without worrying about getting the perfect shot to share here.

It was a lovely day.  It’s been a lovely couple of days even though I went back to work on Saturday and Sunday.  That’s one thing I do like about having a “Christmas Season” – I have four weeks to get everything in order and a week and a half to sit back and enjoy without worrying about getting things cleared up and put away.

We’re stilling figure out how to extend our Christmas Season in a way that feels natural to us.  Better to let those things develop naturally.  We have gingerbread (ninja ones) men and birdfeeders to make.  Decorations to put up and Epiphany to celebrate, which we’ll do slowly and in our own time.

I hope your Christmas Season (whenever it was) was a happy one!

7 thoughts on “{Postcards} Scenes from Christmas Morning

  1. Sure! The children's wooden nativity was a set I found at Target last year.

    He got a set of Disney Plane's airplanes (50% off find on the backshelf of Target this year!), a “vinatge” Fisher Price Airport (consignment shop find a few years ago that I've been saving) and those big arch blocks I found on Zulilly under an educational toy maker (think for daycares,etc.)

    He got a couple Melissa and Doug toys from his Aunt and Uncle (the block tower and the block puzzle).

    The ball &cup, and Jacob's Ladder were in the Dollar section of Target this year. Legos were the “Creator” construction set.

    Sticker books from my Usborne business and Mama and Baby Wolf (wooden toys) are from GeorgiaWoodenToys on Etsy!.

    Stuffed Appa (last picture) was purchased by Daddy at the Mall of America earlier this year. =)

    And I'm not sure if they're in a picture…. but his Daddy gave him a his own set of Green Multi-sided (Nerd/Gamer) Dice.


  2. We eat tube cinnamon rolls and homemade. I've yet to find a “scratch” recipe that tastes as good as the former 😉
    I had ordered several Usborne books through you over the summer and had managed to have enough self control to stash some of them away. My daughter was happy to open them up at Christmas! Thanks 🙂


  3. These are beautiful photos!! I've got a lot to work on with the balance between photographing and being present and in the moment…but really, I think there should be Christmas photographers for hire 🙂


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