Hibernation: Proof

I really can't justify this post at except, that I wanted proof that I finally managed to clean and organize the family room.There may or may not be a couple large piles of books to find homes for and papers to file still, but I'm calling it job well done...... someday it won't be Migraine... Continue Reading →

Hibernation Daybook: Sounds

I still feel like I'm in hibernation mode (have I mentioned how much I actually adore January just for this reason), but I haven't been asleep.  Just doing all those fun indoor things with the family.There's quite a lovely cacophony joining me most days, whether it's making dinner or keeping me company on long work... Continue Reading →

Sheenazing Awards: Cultural Showcase

The 2015 Sheenazing Awards are over.  This year I came runner up in "Most Under Appreciated".... beaten by a sneak attack of lovely Canadian bloggers.Story.of.my.life.Anyways in case you were busy you might have missed the new segment of this years Sheenazing Awards.  The Cultural Showcase.  I know we're all so busy with our two dozen... Continue Reading →

Sheenazing Quotes

You know I love a good quote, and right now with the Sheenazing Awards going on I though it was a good opportunity to introduce you to a few of my favorites, because come on... we're talking about an amazing, miracle praying for guy here not just an (awesome) award.Just so you know MMD is... Continue Reading →

Hibernation Daybook

It's quiet on the front here and honestly for no other reason than I seem to hibernating, and enjoying it.I still have posts in my head, and pictures to share and all the regular stuff so don't despair - this isn't a "State of the End of the Blog" speech.  Just a "Right Now I'm... Continue Reading →

{Postcards} New Year

Been enjoying the change in weather.  If you've been following along on FB or Instagram I rearranged my entire living room thanks to today -25 degree windchills though we did make it out for a little playing in the snow a few days ago.We got the stars up on the mantel and have started taking... Continue Reading →

On Miscarriage and Mordor

Yesterday was my second child's first birthday, well it would have been his birthday except for the fact that he is in heaven.  He shares his due date with J.R.R. Tolkien, a small fact that I love and holds a bit of meaning to me.It's hard to be in this position, even though I feel... Continue Reading →

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