{Postcards} New Year

Been enjoying the change in weather.  If you’ve been following along on FB or Instagram I rearranged my entire living room thanks to today -25 degree windchills though we did make it out for a little playing in the snow a few days ago.

We got the stars up on the mantel and have started taking down Christmas, enjoying the good things that winter brings – knitting and cuddling and lots of games of Cooties.

And if all sounds too idilic to be true…. this is what my kitchen looks like right now.  Complete with Christmas tree.

I also wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the wonderful support of my post from Sunday.  The response I’ve seen just blows me away and if you’re new here – stay awhile, I’m glad you’re here.

One thought on “{Postcards} New Year

  1. Not gonna lie I like being the first commenter on any post. Then I don't sound redundant when I say that I am thinking about you and always praying for you. It looks like you had a happy Christmas morning with that cute boy. I wish our boys could play with all that fun stuff together! Keep cold… since you claim to like it after all.


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