Hibernation Daybook

It’s quiet on the front here and honestly for no other reason than I seem to hibernating, and enjoying it.

I still have posts in my head, and pictures to share and all the regular stuff so don’t despair – this isn’t a “State of the End of the Blog” speech.  Just a “Right Now I’m Enjoying Lots of Other Things I’m Not Posting About” speech.

Reading:  I’ve been balancing heavy and light in my reading materials and after a long stretch of books that just couldn’t hold my interest I think I’ve found a few good ones.

This is so good, but so dense.  I have to read a few pages at a time and digest it for a day or too.  Such a great book and it doesn’t hurt that I’m an Esolen groupie.
I hadn’t visited Avonlea since right before Henry was born, it was long past due.
A good solid, fantasy “beach read”.  I like my books either dense and non-fictiony, deep and literature-like or rediculously escapist.  I have the second in the series on order.
This is apparently recommended by Diana Gabaldon herself for readers of her “Outlander” Series (which I unashamedly love),  Just started it today, it’s moving quickly, but is solid so far – definitely reminds me of Clare and Jamie.
Making:  I can’t wait to show you pictures, but there’s been lots of stitching and knitting going on behind the scenes!  Some of it is going out to a special person or two in a little bit so I don’t want to give anything away!
Watching:  All the BBC before it leaves Netflix…. I just….. this means I’ll have to buy my own copy of North and South so that Richard Armitage can smolder at me while I make dinner.
And like good, loyal fans the final installment of “The Hobbit” has been watched, assessed and theoretically fixed during Sushi date night.  Maybe I’ll subject you to my rant about “Strong Female Characters” someday if you’re lucky.  😉
So long time, no see …. what are you up to?

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