Hibernation: Proof

I really can’t justify this post at except, that I wanted proof that I finally managed to clean and organize the family room.

There may or may not be a couple large piles of books to find homes for and papers to file still, but I’m calling it job well done.

….. someday it won’t be Migraine Orange down there.

….. someday.

6 thoughts on “Hibernation: Proof

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  1. I'd say a job very well done! I have to ask what those giant things are hanging over the entertainment center. It's killing me that my brain can't make sense of what's going on there 🙂


  2. That makes more sense 🙂 Do you find that punching the bag helps calm him down once he's done or charges him up? I feel like once mine started attacking a punching bag they'd move on to each other and then the rest of the house……


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