Schoolish: Now We Are Four

A friend mentioned a few days ago that she had recommende this blog to another friend about activities for preschoolers and it made me realize I haven't really written on that subject for awhile.  We've been plugging away at being "schoolish", which is essentially just fostering a love of learning at home, but it looks... Continue Reading →

And Lent Approaches

I have to admit I've been in a bit of Liturgical slump.  I just haven't been as inspired to do "all the things" over the last month or so and honestly that's fine.  Doing fewer of the "the things" is better than doing them for the wrong reasons. I haven't really gotten my act together... Continue Reading →

Media Lite in a Media Loving Family

I need to confess something.  One of my New Years Resolutions is to watch more television.Shock.Horror.Much Disappointed.Very T.V.The Doge meme basically writes itself.See I told you.But Molly, you're a hip mom who crafts homemade Montessori materials and bakes muffins, how could you undermine the revolution?Well, after much consideration I finally had to admit something.  We... Continue Reading →

What a Wonderful World

When I was a teenager I received a picture-a-day calendar of Hubble Telescope photographs. This was back in the day when the Hubble was cutting-edge and the images it was sending back were astonishing. I would keep my favorite pictures in a box; each new nebula and galaxy entranced me.Every now and then I would... Continue Reading →

The Great Dragon Party

Finally, on the fourth one I feel I've gotten the hang of this - even though I feel like I went a bit more overboard than I had intended.  Oh well - not to be too cynical, but I honestly can't know if I'll ever have another 4th birthday party to host, so go big... Continue Reading →

Hibernation: Snow Day

We received a small amount of snow over the last twenty-four hours (the outside pictures are about half way through the storm).  Big prayers of thanks that this happened on my weekend off and that Ben's supervisor was understanding when we had to tell him we couldn't make it up the hill.Some playing outside.  Lots... Continue Reading →

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